Reusable bags M-PRO LUX

Effective cleaning depends on many factors, including the quality of the bags used in the vacuum cleaner. They are the main component of the filtration system, so the bags are subject to increased requirements: they must not only accumulate debris and dust particles, but also ensure the passage of air flows. The best option is reusable vacuum cleaner bags, which are suitable for repeated use.

What are the main advantages of this category of consumables? The main advantages of reusable bags for vacuum cleaner Kercher, as well as for cleaning devices of other brands include:

compatible with the vacuum cleaner;
easy installation of the bag in a container (tank, container);
convenience and reliability of the shaking system ;
tensile strength (this indicator reaches 30 kg);
water resistance (if moisture gets into the reusable bag, its performance properties will not be affected);
the ability