Reusable bags L-PRO ZIP

Reusable vacuum cleaner bags have a number of advantages. Options L-PRO also have good capacity and high strength. This page presents models of bags to construction, industrial, professional, vertical and backpack vacuum cleaners Cleanfix, Makita, Bosch, Case, Fеѕtооl, Ghіblі, Nіlfіѕk, Numаtіс and so on.

Here you can buy the bag in the vacuum cleaner, effectively trapping the dust produced from filter media special design. An important feature reusable bags Karcher and other brands, excellent air permeability, which prevents their ruptures when the pressure during operation.

Dignity reusable bags dust bags

  • Strength. When inside the vacuum cleaner is, for example, bag Festool or products of the same level, there is no fear of tearing when cleaning sharp objects such as glass fragments, nails, small pieces, and the buttons and paper clips. This is a useful purchase for those who are planning repairs or tidying the workshops, offices, shops, catering.
  • The moisture resistance. For vacuuming wet debris is allowed to use the bags for vacuum cleaners, for example, Ghibli and others presented on this page. Moisture on the surface or the inner area of this product (reusable ZIP bag L-PRO) did not affect its reliability.
  • Filtering a high level. Electrostatic charging of the fibers of filter material gives them the ability to retain dust, thus avoiding clogging of the other filters the cleaner and odor. Filtering excellent job bags for vacuum cleaners Numatic, Karcher and others.
  • Savings. Presented in section products are washable, they are suitable for repeated use. The service life of these bags for construction, professional, vertical and backpack vacuum cleaners up to two years, which is 3-4 times longer than that of counterparts produced in other countries.

We recommend you to buy reusable bags for vacuum cleaners Bosch, MAKITA, Karcher and other manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. We sell quality belts made of materials designed for building materials, which means increased reliability.

Advantages of the L-PRO (code ZIP..._L) :

  • filtering L class
  • service life: up to 30 cycles
  • zip
  • number of layers: two
  • low resistance to air flow