Synthetic bags M-PRO

Use industrial vacuum cleaner and want to have it working efficiently and lasting without requiring repair – you need a trustworthy bag. Our company offers such a single vacuum bag.

Vacuum cleaners a lot – one solution: bags M-PRO

Filter bags M-PRO show themselves great in all types of construction and professional vacuum cleaners. They are suitable for use in professional, industrial, construction, as well as in vertical and knapsack mechanisms successfully applied in the products of leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners:

M-PRO is different from other dust collectors by the following indicators:

  1. Modern synthetic material is attached to the filter bags unprecedented durability.
  2. The debris, including solid and sharp particles, do not break the bag.
  3. Dust bag not lose strength when wet.
  4. It can be used in vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning.
  5. Layered structure and special treatment to provide antibacterial and antiallergic properties of the product.
  6. Increases the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner, protecting parts against the ingress of dust particles and other debris.

Time use one bag twice more than the corresponding paper products, and the reliability is much higher.

We sell reusable bags M-PRO cleaner in sets of 5 to 10 pieces at the best price. The catalogue contains the products of different sizes and volumes. You can choose the suitable for your appliance by yourself or consult our experienced EXPERT.

Use the contact information on the site and will contact our company, you will get a reliable and punctual partner. And purchased dust M-PRO will serve long and good service to you and your industrial vacuum cleaner.